Kickstarter Exclusive: Master Builder’s Collection Backer BONUS – FREE Design 3D CX!

D3DCX7We are very excited to offer a very generous and an exclusive BONUS GIFT to all who pledge the Master Builder’s Collection reward offered through our ROTS 15th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter campaign. Along with a treasure trove of Egyptian 3d shapes and textures, including the Giza Sphinx (this is a very accurate model), our friends at Strata have agreed to help support the real-time 3d edition of Riddle of the Sphinx by donating a copy of their high-end 3D software — Strata Design 3D CX (a $600 value)— to each backer of this exclusive reward.

This full-featured complimentary version of Strata’s award-winning 3D software (Design 3D CX) will enable you to instantly begin using our extensive Egyptian libraries to start designing your very own 3D masterpieces!

Get Your Hands Dirty with the Master Builder’s Collection and a Complimentary copy of Strata Design 3D Cx!

As a BONUS to every Master Builder’s Collection backer (limited to the first 25 backers of this exclusive level), you will receive a complimentary version of Strata Design 3D CX (a $600 value). This offer is in addition to the reward level offered with the Kickstarter Campaign as a THANK YOU from us and Strata 3D. Most importantly, you’ll have an opportunity to design an (appropriate) 3d item for use in Riddle of the Sphinx’s additional scenes. And if that isn’t enough, we’re also going to send you exclusive hi-res renderings of ROTS’ most striking scenes.
We are offering a special limited-time collection of our treasure trove of the most beautiful, organic shapes and textures used to create the original Riddle of the Sphinx, including the Giza Sphinx – optimized and ready for your complimentary copy of Strata’s 3D software – Strata Design 3D CX. Those who take advantage of this exclusive backer reward level through the Riddle of the Sphinx Real-time 3D Kickstarter campaign get the Sphinx, coffers, vases, artifacts, Gil’s items, and more. You’ll see how we modeled and mapped the objects, plus you’ll have an extensive library at your fingertips to start designing your very own adventure.

NOTE: This collection must is currently only available through our Kickstarter campaign. The complimentary copies of Design 3D CX are limited to the first 25 users.

“As a longtime user of Strata 3d, I am intimately familiar with Strata’s reputation for professional-level 3D tools for modeling, texturing, lighting, and especially Strata’s drop-dead beautiful and hyper-realistic rendering engine.,” said Jeff Tobler, ROTS lead 3d artist. “We’ve always been able to get the look just right within Strata,”