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We are excited to announce a new game in the early stages of development, currently code-named The Scroll.

Set in a ‘old world’ setting, as a first person exploration adventure, you find yourself among a very wise, industrious people, but without technological electronics. From a world that has no name, no geographical center. Only that you find yourself dropped into this rich tapestry of a civilization of smaller villages and cities linked by well-worn paths. But you know that you’ve been this way before.

As you explore your surroundings, you begin to realize everything is not what it seems. At the center of your journey is a scroll. The contents of the scroll leave you with subtle clues, but more questions… and a driving desire to find it’s author, and the object of The Scroll.

The Scroll is slated for production in early to mid-2015, after we complete the 15th anniversary edition of Riddle of the Sphinx in real-time 3D, currently funding on Kickstarter.