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Adventure games are known for their rich graphics, intricate puzzles, often mysterious plot, and a slower pace as the player explores the many virtual environments or worlds.

Riddle of the Sphinx™ – An Egyptian Adventure was our first adventure game and is still very popular today. ROTS is an archaeological adventure game of megalithic proportions, taking many years to complete and taking gamers sometimes weeks, if not months to finish. Riddle of Sphinx is an enigmatic adventure thrusting the player into mysterious exploration of Giza Sphinx and the Great Pyramid to figure out what curse Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys made mention of before his mysterious disappearance.

The Omega Stone™ – Sequel to Riddle of the Sphinx was equally as large, but technologically superior. Where Riddle of the Sphinx dealt exclusively in and around Egypt, The Omega Stone takes the player to ends of the earth, exploring many mysterious locations across the world, such as Stone Henge (England), Chichen Itza (the Mayan pyramids), the Lost City of Atlantis (Crete), Devil’s Triangle (Bimini), Easter Island, and back to the Sphinx for a few new discoveries.

We also produced a small Egyptian adventure for The History Channel for a special on the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt.