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The Omega Stone Testimonials

Testimonials about The Omega Stone

A solid archaeological mystery game…

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This game starts just where Riddle of the Sphinx left off.

Graphics are just as good as in the Riddle of the Sphinx. This time, providing much more 360 view than in the last game. The monuments, the cutscenes and the different places you can see are represented almost as if you are really there, and just a hand away.

Gameplay is exactly like ROTS (Riddle of the Sphinx), except for the “fast-inventory” mode, in other words, if you right-click, you have the inventory.

Music and sound are amazing. Period.

Finally, to conclude, for anyone searching for a solid archaeological mystery game, Omega Stone is for you.

It’s a game worth playing…

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I’m from the old school of adventure games and don’t mind if a puzzle takes a bit to solve. This game is really good in the puzzle department, it holds your interest, and if you have a bit of the romantic in you, the Egyptian theme is quite satisfying.
The graphics show the game’s age, but they’re still very good. Overall, it’s a game worth playing.
I recommend this game!