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Chichen Itza






In this compelling sequel to Riddle of the Sphinx, you have the opportunity to…

Decipher cryptic Mayan codices and search through the ruins of Maya; discovering lost chambers, tombs, and passageways overlooked for centuries deep within the exotic rain forest.

Explore the mysterious megaliths of Stonehenge  and other sacred Celtic  stone circles; uncovering a secret sect of Celtic Priests and Guardians and explore the sacred Celtic grounds.

Examine the Moi of Easter Island and unearth mystical relics in a fresh archaeological dig, and adventure into the eerie caves and underground dwellings on this remote island.

Excavate additional chambers under the Sphinx, off the Chamber of Ages, and discover the recorded histories and technologies of a forgotten past. Plus, ultimately learn of the Ark’s role in saving mankind.

Untangle the myths of Devil’s Triangle and decode the source of volatility in these fabled waters, undertaking dangerous dives and examining an ancient shipwreck holding the keys to many of today’s mysterious.

And search for the Lost City of Atlantis, in the process, revealing ancient technology designed to save future civilizations from disaster, and discover the secret linking all of these ancient civilizations..

These and other mysteries are addressed in The Omega Stone

What role do the ruins of the Mayan Pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Giza Plateau and Bimini play in solving these mysteries?

Why are those colossal other-worldly statues on Easter Island staring out toward the sea?

Why does the Mayan calendar abruptly end at 2012? And why do they resemble the tombs and monuments in Egypt?

Why is Stonehenge out of alignment? Why is it less mal-aligned as it ages? Who were these builders sophisticated enough to build the impressive observatory? What is its significance?

What really is happening in that area known as Devil’s Triangle? And why did Pluto refer to a triangulated region near the Mediterranean Sea? And what is the significance of that underwater road at Bimini?

Whatever really happened to Atlantis? Why is there no trace and only a cryptic reference by Plato of this supposedly magnificent civilization?

Press Reviews

Computer Gaming World – worth digging up…
An exciting puzzle game, and the ending creatively explains the link between the locales you’ve visited. Despite Stone’s imperfections, this nicely improved sequel is worth digging up. [Aug 2003, p.86]

Adventure Classic Gaming gives TOS 4 of 5 stars!
The husband and wife team of Jeffrey S. and Karen E. Tobler have obviously lavished a great deal of their time and creative energy into the series. While Riddle of the Sphinx is undoubtedly a sizable game with many scenes of ancient Egypt, The Omega Stone is much more ambitious… The game’s biggest strengths are its clever puzzles, wonderful scenes, and colorful atmosphere.

Just Adventure gives The Omega Stone 100
Not many developers would take the time and energy needed to recreate these famous sites with the care and attention that they require or conduct the many hours of research that this game calls for. Not many games can claim to give you the feeling of actually being there.

Mr. Bill’s Adventureland Review: The Omega Stone
And once again (as in Riddle of the Sphinx), Jeff and Karen Tobler have addressed one of those ancient unresolved enigmas, combining rock solid research of the available literature on the subject with their own logical reasoning and conclusions. It all makes for a fascinating story ….. and is of course the perfect backdrop for a game.

Lora’s Adventure Game Reviews: The Omega Stone
…The game was genuinely fun in places, offering a Mystlike ability to explore five ruins at your own pace. There was even some humor here and there (my kids were howling with laughter when we discovered a clue floating in the toilet!) So I’m pleasantly surprised to report that The Omega Stone was a decent, playable game.

This game starts just where Riddle of the Sphinx left off… The monuments, the cutscenes and the different places you can see are represented almost as if you are really there, and just a hand away. Music and sound are amazing. Period... For anyone searching for a solid archaeological mystery game, Omega Stone is for you.

Great sequel to Riddle of the Sphinx, another wonderful game. The adventure continues and it’s a worthwhile one!

This game is really good in the puzzle department, it holds your interest, and if you have a bit of the romantic in you, the Egyptian theme is quite satisfying… Overall, it’s a game worth playing. I recommend this game!