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LifeTree Games announces the Kickstarter campaign for Riddle of the Sphinx real-time 3D

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Last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World “Rebuilt” in Real-time 3D with Kickstarter remake of Epic Adventure Game Riddle of the Sphinx

Jeff and Karen Tobler, independent game developers, are “rebuilding” the Giza Sphinx and Great Pyramid — the last of the remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World — in detailed, breathtaking real-time 3D in celebration of ROTS’ 15th anniversary. The husband-wife team have turned to Kickstarter to fund their epic Egyptian adventure re-make.

MOSELLE (SAINT LOUIS), Missouri, April 23, 2014 —  LifeTree Games, creators of the best-selling epic Egyptian adventure Riddle of the Sphinx, today announced a 15th anniversary edition of their best-selling classic — this time in real-time 3D. Husband and wife team, Jeff and Karen Tobler, have turned to Kickstarter ( to fund this real-time 3d special edition rather than pursuing the traditional publisher model.

The most mysterious and controversial of the ancient world’s seven wonders, the enigmatic Giza Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Egypt continues to entrance visitors and scholars alike. Now, thanks to amazingly life-like real-time 3D environments in the archaeological adventure, Riddle of the Sphinx, players can enter its hidden chambers and discover centuries-old secrets — both marvelous and deadly.

Riddle of the Sphinx is a mystery-adventure game set within and around the ancient Egyptian monument. Backed by extensive detailed research and painstaking recreation of the existing Giza Plateau, Great Sphinx, and Great Pyramid — one of the existing Seven Wonders of the Ancient World — major levels of the game involve exploring real-life archaeological finds, then taking those discoveries to the next level. Players assume their role as close friend and confidant of famous archaeologist Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys as he excavates the site of the Sphinx. The tale begins as Sir Geoffreys realizes he has unwittingly unleashed an ancient curse while translating a key scroll. Sir Geoffreys dies, and the scroll mysteriously disappears. The player’s task is to locate the missing scroll, finish Sir Geoffrey’s translation, and solve the time-worn puzzle before . . . well, we won’t spoil the intricately woven plot.

The dynamic husband & wife team, Jeff and Karen Tobler, now includes their two sons, as well as some of the original team members coming back to breathe new life into their epic adventure game.  Their vision began with creating the ability of exploring ancient Egypt’s enigmatic landmarks in virtual reality. What took the ancient Egyptians half a million workers and decades of grueling manual labor to complete, Jeff and Karen completed in just under 6 (grueling) years. But now, they are utilizing the latest in 3d technology to create absolutely stunning settings for the game’s epic storyline, bringing an even more realistic immersive experience to exploring the Sphinx and Great Pyramid, as well as the huge scope of fictional discoveries including hidden corridors, lost tombs, and secret chambers.

“One aspect of Riddle of the Sphinx that intrigued me was the age-range of players who were impacted. After the initial release in 1999, we expected younger gamers. But it surprised us that parents were playing with their children, older house-bound players could ‘escape’ through the game and even long-distance engaged couples played over the phone. It was really encouraging that Riddle of the Sphinx was the tool for people to share time with each other and create lasting memories. We are excited to see new relationships forged and more memories made with the new version,” said Karen Tobler, Co-Creator of Riddle of the Sphinx.

“This 15th anniversary edition in real-time 3d is breathtaking and allows players to immerse themselves for countless hours of fun and fascination, along with the unique educational backdrop. Some played the game over months and even a year’s time—often with their children on their laps enjoying the adventure together. Riddle of the Sphinx is a HUGE game with discoveries around every corner for every age with its family friendly story, intellectual puzzles, and non-violent exploration of its beautiful environments,” shared Jeff Tobler, co-developer of Riddle of the Sphinx.

LifeTree Games is offering unique Kickstarter pledge rewards to backers of the 15th anniversary edition including backers having their art immortalized within Riddle of the Sphinx.

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About LifeTree Games
LifeTree Games (formerly Omni Creative Group, Int’l) was started in 1991 by husband-wife team, Jeff and Karen Tobler. In 1994, they began work on Riddle of the Sphinx, a project that started as a means to virtually explore the Giza Plateau, Great Sphinx, and Great Pyramid. The story grew to include the fulfillment of the many theories, lore, and myths of secret chambers, hidden corridors, and lost treasure associated with the Great Pyramid — the response was phenomenal! Riddle of the Sphinx and its sequel The Omega Stone continue to be sold and played worldwide.

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Riddle of the Sphinx™ previewed at Quandary!

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[excerpt] “Violent sand storms have once again covered most of the Sphinx and Great Pyramids. After years of digging, noted archaeologist Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys uncovers a secret chamber overlooked for centuries. Geoffreys’ first and only trip reveals an ancient, brittle papyrus scroll. After rough translation, he realizes he’s found the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of the Sphinx. Finally, Gil thought, the riddle of the Sphinx… solved!”

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Riddle of the Sphinx™ previewed at!

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[excerpt] “Lovers of all things Egyptian rejoice–Jeff and Karen Tobler have just spent three years painstakingly recreating the landmarks and mysterious dwellings of this fascinating country. For what reason? So that we may participate in their indulgence and immerse ourselves in a mystery as old as time itself as we attempt to solve the Riddle of the Sphinx.”

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