Riddle of the Sphinx Testimonials

My deepest honest genuine heartfelt CONGRATS!

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Now that Christmas has passed and the traffic situation has settled down, I decided to run over to Best Buy and pick up a copy of ROTS. I looked around for 10 minutes. Couldn’t find it. I had to have someone who works there look up the “in-stock” situation for ROTS. I learned that it’s currently sold out. What? But ROTS is an adventure game, and I’m the only human being in Northeast Ohio who buys adventure games. Actually, I’m the only human being in NE Ohio who even knows what an adventure game is. Seriously. If a store gets 3 copies of an adventure game, I’ll buy one, and the other two will sit on the shelves for a year and decay until they’re put in the bargain bin…where they sit for another year…then…I don’t really know what happens to them. But I do know that nobody buys them. Anyway, so Best Buy is sold out; no big deal, I’ll just zip down the road to CompUSA and pick it up. Again, I can’t find ROTS. Again, I have to check with someone who works there. She looks up ROTS in their computer: “Riddle of the Sphinx is sold out, and I don’t know when we’ll get any more”. I’m thinking, “Is this the Seventh Sign!? An adventure game is sold out at two different stores!? I must be imagining things!”

In the 5 years that I’ve been buying adventure games, I have never EVER encountered this problem. I was not happy. I had just driven 20 miles in crap weather for nothing. Not to mention, I’ve been really looking forward to diving into ROTS. So as I’m driving home in a confused stupor, it dawned on me…everyone involved in the ROTS project is to be congratulated. I don’t know how ya’ll did it, but you put together a winner. Here’s to ya! You have my deepest honest genuine heartfelt CONGRATS! I’ll nab me a copy eventually. So, when’s ROTS 2 gonna be ready? May your talents lead you to wealth and happiness. You deserve it.

– Doug Millsap

This is truly an amazing experience.

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I am pretty deep into the game now (or at least the pyramid!!) This is truly an amazing experience. It is non-linear and there are so many places to go even without solving a single problem. Well other than a few minor advancements at the very beginning. At first it felt strange to find room after room, picking up tons of artifacts – without having a clearly defined path or even using the items. Then I finally got some long game play and felt like I was really in the pyramid, sifting the sand – warily approaching dark corridors and cautiously opening chamber doors. My knapsack has a collection of strange and beautiful items. Some – their use is now apparent – but I haven’t even gotten back to the chambers where they seem to be useful. There is still more to explore. I love this game. What a deal for $20.00 or even it cost a lot more. I have paid $30.00 to take the kids to a two hour movie and buy refreshments. Can’t even come close to the hours I have already had with ROTS. Well done!!

– Laura

Really makes me feel like an archeologist…

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Folks if you’re not playing this one you are really missing out. Great 1st person game that really makes me feel like an archeologist. I’m wandering around some of the most beautiful rooms I’ve ever seen in any game. So far lots of clues for the taking but little in the way of solutions for my part and I don’t even care. I’m so glad I bought this one. The creators are way ahead of the rest of the pack with this one.

– Debra