This is truly an amazing experience.

I am pretty deep into the game now (or at least the pyramid!!) This is truly an amazing experience. It is non-linear and there are so many places to go even without solving a single problem. Well other than a few minor advancements at the very beginning. At first it felt strange to find room after room, picking up tons of artifacts – without having a clearly defined path or even using the items. Then I finally got some long game play and felt like I was really in the pyramid, sifting the sand – warily approaching dark corridors and cautiously opening chamber doors. My knapsack has a collection of strange and beautiful items. Some – their use is now apparent – but I haven’t even gotten back to the chambers where they seem to be useful. There is still more to explore. I love this game. What a deal for $20.00 or even it cost a lot more. I have paid $30.00 to take the kids to a two hour movie and buy refreshments. Can’t even come close to the hours I have already had with ROTS. Well done!!

– Laura

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