Riddle of the Sphinx™ is previewed on The Edge.com

June 14, 1999
Riddle of the Sphinx™ is previewed on The Edge.com

[excerpt] ” Following on its tradition of exclusive interviews from behind the gaming scenes, we talked to Jeff Tobler, the man responsible for the up coming knock-out adventure game, that actually looks like it could impress. Riddle of the Sphinx….Jeff….
Q. [The Edge] Riddle of the Spinx. They’re calling it the next big adventure game here in Europe, but we’ve heard precious little about it. What’s the deal?

A. [Jeff Tobler] Yes. We’ve had a tremendous response from the european community, which was truly amazing to Karen and I as it has initially spread from word-of-mouth. Aside from several small articles (some indirectly related) and those gamers who’ve been following our progress from the beginning, ROTS is now beginning to be noticed. (ROTS just recently made its TV debut on Digital Turf on the E! Channel.)

Of course, another reason could be that we had not officially announced ROTS in conjunction with a publisher/distributor. We do anticipate that once ROTS goes “public” it will attract a mass following due to the familiarity of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid.”

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